What is Zapier?

Zapier is an automation tool that can connect many apps and services together saving a lot of development time. You can create automated workflows that will be executed on given condition.

Flotiq in Zapier

We have integrated our headless CMS with Zapier creating 5 triggers and one action that will speed up development process of your own application and open a lot of opportunities for further integrations. See it for yourself: Flotiq integrations in Zapier

How does it work?

Zapier automations are based on “trigger-action” workflows (you can check Key Concepts link below to learn more). You select one trigger (event that starts whole process) and then one action (what to do with data collected by trigger). For example - when someone adds data to Flotiq, a message is sent to a specified channel (e-mail, chat, mobile phone etc.)

Check: Key concepts in Zapier

Available triggers/actions

Triggers are split into two types:

  1. Instant
  2. Poll

The difference between them is that poll triggers are executed by Zapier every 15 minutes (time depends on your Zapier account type).

Poll Triggers:

  1. New Content Objects - polls new objects of specified type definition
  2. Content Objects Updates - polls only updated objects of specified type definition

Instant Triggers:

  1. New Content Object - executes when you add new data of chosen type definition to Flotiq
  2. Updated Content Object - executes when you update one of the objects of chosen type definition
  3. Deleted Content Object - executes when you delete one of the objects of chosen type definition

For more, check our link in the “Flotiq in Zapier” section to see what you can do with Flotiq in automated workflows environment.

Available Zap Templates

Zap Template is a predefined workflow. You already have a trigger-action workflow so instead of creating one from a scratch, you only fill out the form with necessary data. For now we have only a template where you can connect Google Assistant and Flotiq - means, you can push data to system with your voice! Be sure to check that out: Google Assistant and Flotiq

Remember to check our docs, where we dive deep into this integration: Flotiq-Zapier Documentation