Flotiq Mobile Expo app for Content Editors & Developers

Flotiq Mobile Expo application

Flotiq Mobile Expo on Apple App Store Flotiq Mobile Expo on Google Play

For Content Editors: Browse and manage your content

The Flotiq Expo app is a React Native application that allows you to browse and manage your content directly from the mobile.

Regardless of what data you store in the Flotiq, the mobile application can provide convenient and quick access to the data.

Main features:

  • Login via QR ApiKey Code
  • List current Content Type Definitions
  • Manage Content Objects
  • Search through the Content Objects
  • Upload photos directly from your smartphone camera

A ready-to-use application is available on Google Play and Apple App Store. Install the app, use the QR code in your API keys to connect the app to Flotiq and browse through your content.

For Developers: Boilerplate for your new application

The Flotiq Mobile Expo is an MIT-licensed app, so you can modify it for your needs and use it in the next mobile project.

This project was implemented using:

  • Expo
  • React Native
  • React Navigation
  • React Native Elements
  • Redux
  • Flotiq as the data source

Start your project in 3 simple steps

Thanks to the ecosystem, you can run your application without installing any complex tools like Android SDK, XCode, or take care of your JDK version.

Follow these three steps to develop Flotiq based application:

  1. Install expo

    npm install --global expo-cli

  2. Clone GitHub project

    git clone

  3. Start developing

    cd flotiq-mobile-demo/
    npm install
    npm start

This will start Metro server http://localhost:19002 where you can start the app on Android and iOS simulator or the real device.

To run the app on the real device, you have to have the Expo Go app installed (Android app, iOS app).

When you open the Expo Go app, you have to scan the QR code presented on the http://localhost:19002 page.


For more development tips, check the projects GitHub repository.

Create your own products showcase mobile app

Check out our simple guide on how to adapt the Flotiq Mobile Expo application source code to work as a product showcase app.