What's the difference between Flotiq and traditional CMSes?

In traditional CMSes, data, content and presentation is one monolith; in Flotiq, content is separated from presentation. Because of that, you can enable content reuse and an omnichannel experience. Learn more in our blog post.

What's the difference between Flotiq and WordPress?

WordPress at its core is traditional CMS with data entangled with the presentation, it introduced the headless version some time ago, but it still is not based on Open API, so using it is more challenging than using Flotiq API. Learn more in our blog post.

What's the difference between Flotiq and other headless CMSes?

Flotiq API is Open API compatible. In Flotiq, documentation grows with your system. At every stage, you can view and share the current API doc and generate a code library tailored to your custom data model. Development teams can collaborate easily using automatically generated docs, SDKs and API sandboxes based on the current data model. These solutions aim to improve the efficiency of development teams, reduce costs by making the work parallel, and help to prototype.

How much does the Flotiq cost?

Primary usage is free, and if that is not enough for your needs, you can check pricing page.

What programming language I have to know to use Flotiq?

You do not necessarily need to know any programming language to keep your data in Flotiq. You can use our starters to show your data to the world (Gatsby, Scully). Knowing any of the front-end web programming language (JavaScript, Python, Ruby) will help you when you want to fit the starters more to your needs or when our starters would not be close enough to your use case.

How to migrate existing service to Flotiq?

The answer varies based on what service you have. We have out of the box migration for projects based on WordPress - Move WordPress to Flotiq. We are working on writing migrations tips and importers for other types of projects source. Please contact us to tell us what kind of service you wish to migrate to receive a more fitting solution.

Can I use Flotiq to make an online shop?

Yes. You can use Flotiq to store your products, but we do not provide customer accounts or payment methods. Our shop starters use Snipcart to manage purchase process. You can find shop starters in our repository for Gatsby products and Scully products.

Can I integrate Flotiq with other tools like Mailchimp or Gmail?

We have Zapier integration (docs), so you can integrate thousands of tools with Flotiq fast and painless.

Can I recover my deleted data?

If you need to bring back the deleted object, you can contact us on Please include your email, content type name and object id in the email. We can recover them from the backups, but remember that we keep them for a short time, which unfortunately vary, only to bring the service back to work if something went wrong with deploying the new version or servers.

I'm running out of space; what can I do?

There are two ways to deal with that, removing not used Content Objects and Medias or buying a higher tier of the plan. You can check Flotiq pricing page.

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