Start with your personalized Flotiq SDK

Benefit from faster development, enhanced developer convenience, and reduced code errors with familiar, context-specific naming conventions. Enjoy built-in code autocompletion that further streamlines your coding experience.


How to Start Development with Flotiq SDK

1. Define Your Data Model in the Flotiq Editor

Easily create and manage your content structure using the intuitive Flotiq editor.

$ npx flotiq-setup

Server listening at http://localhost::5989...
FLOTIQ_API_KEY updated in .env
FLOTIQ_API_KEY updated in .env.development
Your .env files have been adjusted with your Flotiq API keys.
You can close this terminal.

2. Connect Your App with Flotiq (npx flotiq-setup)

Seamlessly link your application to Flotiq with our straightforward setup process using npx flotiq-setup command

$ npx flotiq-codegen-ts generate

? Please enter your Flotiq API key: ___APIKEY___
Downloading OpenAPI schema...
Generating client from schema...
Client generated successfully!
See generated files in flotiqApi directory

3. Inject a Personalized SDK into Your Project (flotiq-codegen-ts)

Automatically generate a tailored TypeScript/JavaScript SDK customized to your data model.


4. Start Using Flotiq SDK

Begin leveraging the power of Flotiq SDK in your development workflow immediately.

Unlock the Benefits of Using Flotiq SDK

Faster Development

Accelerate your project timelines with our efficient processes and powerful tools, designed to streamline your workflow and boost productivity.


Enjoy a smoother, more intuitive development experience with user-friendly features that simplify your work and enhance your coding efficiency.

Intuitive Naming

Work with familiar, context-specific naming conventions that make code management easier and more intuitive, helping you maintain a clean and organized codebase.

Fewer Errors

Reduce mistakes and improve your code quality with built-in syntax autocompletion that offers intelligent code suggestions and helps you write error-free code.

Start working. Together.

Reach common flow which just gets things done.