We're excited to announce that Flotiq Mobile Expo has been recently published in the Apple App Store and Google Play.


You can now browse your content on the go, using your mobile app. Just use the QR code to connect the application to your Flotiq account.


We've open-sourced the code so you can use it to kickstart development of your next mobile app, based on data stored in Flotiq.

You can quickly login to the app using QR codes that can be generated for each of your API keys:

Once you click the QR code icon in the desktop editor - you can then scan it in the app



this way the application becomes connected with your Flotiq account and you can now browse your content.



The app has been open-sourced and is available on GitHub. It's MIT licensed - so you're free to modify and adjust as much as you need so it fits your needs.


The app can be downloaded 


Come share your stories on our Discord chat or file Github issues if you hit a bug - our team will be happy to help and discuss any improvements.