Gatsby Recipe 2 – All you can eat

This template is focused on easy-to-read recipe articles that prioritize what users are looking for - ingredients and directions. It was designed and built with food bloggers and cooking content creators in mind.
Gatsby Recipe 2 – All you can eat
We are happy to share a recipe website with a unique and attractive layout. Easily add recipes to your website and watch it grow! This bright and colourful recipe starter is simple to use and customizable. Perfect for sharing recipes and the joy of cooking

Quick start

Local installation

npm i –g flotiq-cli 
flotiq start [flotiqReadWriteApiKey] flotiq-gatsby-recipe-2


  • Responsive design using UIkit
  • Responsive navigation
  • Rich media
  • Contact Form created with Flotiq Forms
  • Easy to deploy
  • Maximized page speed score
  • SEO friendly
  • Web fonts - built using fonts from Google Fonts


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