API-first content management system

You model, author and consume your content, your way. Flotiq is an API-first CMS that takes care of hosting, securing and scaling to guarantee your content is always on.

Flotiq is an API-first content management platform.

For Startups

Fully-managed omnichannel 

content publishing​

Startups choose Flotiq as a cost-effective, fully-managed solution to drive API-based systems and power omni-channel experiences.

For the Enterprise

Enterprise-grade security

and interoperability

Enterprise customers improve agile cross-team collaboration, simplify API management without risking security.​

For Developers

5-star developer experience, fully-managed content platform

Flotiq provides an easy way to describe your content, populate your system with large amounts of data and consume it.​

We support thousands of integrations for an even faster and easier way to work with your content.

Push data to thousands of products through Zapier, automate e-mail messages, Google Docs sync and more.

Use the Gatsby Cloud plugin for fast objects preview and Gatsby Source package for using your content in Gatsby projects​

Use our Snipcart-integrated project boilerplates to kickstart your next e-commerce project​.

Netlify build plugin to speed-up project preview and deploy​

Our fully integrated Postman collections enable easy API sharing and testing​.

Our consulting partners help to create tailored integrations developed for our customers​.

Headless CMS? What's in it for me?

Publish your data without writing code

With Flotiq anyone can create an API that will make it easy for developers to access content. ​ Building a dedicated API is as easy as defining what data will be stored in the system. Everything else just happens, it’s like magic.


✔  Easily define links between content types​

✔  Simple data composition using list fields​

✔  Pre-made content types to get you started

Smart content authoring

Authoring content is easy with rich text editors, content versioning and support for linking content types. Content editors will feel natural with our easy-to-use editing interface.


✔  Built-in content versioning

✔  Simple data composition using list fields​

✔  Markdown editor​

✔  Easy relation building

✔  Preview mode with Gatsby cloud integration

Asset management

Flotiq lets you store all kinds of media, but we provide extra features for handling images. ​

Use our services to immediately resize, optimize, and convert your images to different formats. Download royalty-free photography from Unsplash, directly in the Flotiq dashboard interface.​


✔  Served through global CDN 

✔  Built-in royalty free images​

✔  Image resizing and optimization

Publish and share your APIs

API generated by Flotiq is your personal API for every Content Type you define. It regenerates after every change in your data model.


✔  API documentation

✔  Easy-to-use API sandbox to test in the browser​

✔  Postman API collection package​

Who already loves Flotiq?

Share your API, or use one of the SDKs

for Python, PHP, Javascript, .NET

Development teams can collaborate easily using automatically generated docs, SDKs and API sandboxes based on current data model. 

API Publishing​

​Flotiq provides an API-publishing solution on top of the CMS​

API sandbox​

Provide instant access to your content with automated Postman collections and built-in API sandboxes.​

Live documentation

Documentation grows with your system. At every stage you can view and share current API doc​

Full-text search

Powerful full-text search system based on your data

Automatic SDK

Automatic generation of code libraries based on your custom data model ​




2M monthly calls

2k objects limit

20 object types

200MB file quota

scoped API keys

 scoped API docs

Best-effort support



4M monthly calls

25k objects limit

50 object types

1GB file quota

20 scoped API keys

 scoped API docs

72h support response



8M monthly calls

200k objects limit

100 object types

5GB file quota

50 scoped API keys

 scoped API docs

72h support response


call us

unlimited monthly calls

unlimited objects limit

unlimited object types

unlimited file quota

unlimited scoped API keys

 scoped API docs

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