for developers and content editors

API-first platform for content management

Flotiq provides an easy way to describe your content, populate your system with large amounts of data and consume it.

End-to-end use case

Our 3-step onboarding process lets you build your content and deploy a working website to Heroku in 3 minutes. Unbeatable.


We prepared a set of popular Gatsby starters to jumpstart your work on projects like blogs, portfolio pages, recipe platforms.


Choose your content model

Flotiq lets you choose from a variety of predefined content models, but you're free to build your own. Describe your data and data-entry forms with an easy to use interface.


Author content

Once you define your content model you can start authoring. The forms are automatically generated for you so you can immediately share with the content entry team! 


Publish your content

Connect Flotiq content to Gatsby and deploy instantly to Heroku or similar platform. Serverless, painless, effortless. Head to our GitHub and use one of our templates or demo applications to get a headstart.

Instant benefits

Secure and scalable

You worry about the content, Flotiq takes care of platform availbility, performance and security.

Pro support

We set rigorous SLAs for support, performance and availbility. Expect nothing less than a perfect customer experience.

Feature packed

Flotiq packs with all the essentials of a typical headless CMS but also includes Unsplash media library, dynamic User APIs, SDKs and more.

Works with JAMstack

We built Flotiq to make building content-rich systems easy. Skip Wordpress headaches, feed your content into Gatsby and deploy! 

Pricing plans



500 daily read quota (ops)

200 daily write quota (ops)


Best-effort support





$10.00 / $50.00 / $200.00

500 daily read quota (ops)

200 daily write quota (ops)


Best-effort support




On premise

contact us for pricing

unlimited daily read quota (ops)

unlimited daily write quota (ops)


Professional Support available




Contact us

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