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See how personalized APIs outperform Contentful

Looking for Contentful alternatives? Give your dev team a boost with code completion based on your content model. Increase development velocity and reduce cost.


Personalized API


Flotiq way

Flotiq provides an API where each endpoint is clearly defined according to the data model.

It makes the API transparent and intuitive, speeding up learning and implementation for developers. Organized endpoints simplify maintenance and reduce integration errors.

Contentful way

Contentful requires using a more generic endpoint containing the word Entry and the content type ID.

Smart SDK with built in types


Flotiq way

Flotiq’s SDK is tailored to your data model, offering code completion that aligns with your specific structure. You will receive autocomplete suggestions for available APIs, and the resulting object, such as a Product, will be typed according to your model.

Tailored syntax suggestions simplify API operations, enhancing development efficiency and reducing errors, allowing developers to focus on logic and structure.

Contentful way

Contentful uses a generic SDK, where the syntax is more generalized. Fetching entries for a specific content type involves filtering entries by the content type ID. Typing and syntax suggestions are possible with additional use of external generators or adding types manually.

APIDoc with Examples and Playground


Flotiq way

Flotiq features a built-in APIDoc that showcases your data models, includes code examples, and offers a playground where sample data from your account is preloaded. It also supports scoped API Doc, displaying documentation for specific types.

Convenient documentation provided immediately after creating data types, along with the ability to test instantly, contributes to time and cost savings, especially in the early stages of a project.

Contentful way

Contentful provides an extensive documentation page for its generic API, includes code examples, and has a playground for the content delivery API. For content management API, it offers generic examples.

Advanced Full Text Search


Flotiq way

Flotiq offers a dedicated endpoint for full-text search, enabling simple and advanced searches across all or selected object types. It includes geolocation support and result aggregation (useful for categorizing search results), and allows specifying searchable fields and their weights for customized search results.

Efficient data access through advanced full-text search mechanisms is essential in many projects. Ensure you choose the solution that best meets your needs.

Contentful way

Contentful's full-text search is built into the standard entry listing endpoint. It allows global searches by any text field or field-scoped searches by content type, with features like geolocation and filters (equal, range) for advanced result filtering.

Pricing Model


Flotiq Pricing

Flotiq's pricing model stands out for its flexibility, ideal for small to medium-sized enterprises.

Paid plans start at just $20 and are scalable and customizable to suit individual needs. Users can easily adjust limits or add features as required, ensuring cost-effectiveness and adaptability as businesses grow.

Contentful Pricing

Contentful may have a more restrictive pricing model, which could be more costly for companies with greater needs or limited budgets.

Paid plans start at $300 and offer limited flexibility for scaling and adjusting existing plans.

Deployment Speed

Flotiq Way

Thanks to the simplicity and intuitiveness of Flotiq, non-developers may find it easier to deploy solutions quickly, which can be advantageous for companies that prioritize rapid time-to-market. The Flotiq team offers rapid support and the possibility of community assistance, meaning that any issues can often be resolved in less than 24 hours if needed.

Contentful Way

Contentful, due to its extensive functionality and flexibility, may require more time for learning and deployment, which could be more suitable for companies with ample resources and time to invest in long-term solutions.

Customer Support


Flotiq Way

Flotiq stands out for its ability to offer highly personalized customer support, a feature especially advantageous for smaller businesses or those requiring extra attention during the initial implementation phase. With Flotiq, clients can expect tailored assistance that addresses their specific challenges and goals, ensuring a smoother and more efficient onboarding process.

Contentful Way

Contentful, owing to its larger scale, tends to provide more standardized support services. While this may suit the needs of larger enterprises with more complex technical requirements, it may not offer the same level of individualized attention as Flotiq.

Community support

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API-first Approach:

Empower your applications with Flotiq's API-first approach, ensuring seamless integration and interoperability across platforms.

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Visual Data Modeling:

Experience content modeling like never before with Flotiq's visual interface. Easily design and structure your content visually, saving time and reducing complexity.

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Media Management:

Effortlessly manage your media assets with Flotiq's robust tools, making image and file handling a breeze.

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You are in good company!

Credit Agricole has recently successfully implemented the Flotiq Content Management System in the bank’s intranet. Flotiq provides a uniform way to access content and is the basis of a comprehensive intranet search engine aggregating multiple data sources.

Magdalena Tarnas-Kaczmarek

Magdalena Tarnas-Kaczmarek

​Director – internal communication department

Use Cases and Success Stories

See how businesses across industries have successfully implemented Flotiq to streamline their content management processes.

"We needed 5 minutes in the system to verify that it would be a fit"

As Yabimoney's product and tech leader and director of engineering, Vlad, stated in our interview.

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Seamless Expansion

Flotiq is built for scalability, ensuring your content infrastructure grows seamlessly with your business. Whether it's a surge in content creation, increased user interactions, or future growth plans, Flotiq is more affordable.


Experience content modeling like never before with Flotiq's visual interface. Easily design and structure your content visually, saving time and reducing complexity.

Growth Support

Our team provides tailored consultations, scaling plans, and proactive monitoring for your project's success, ensuring prompt responses and collaborative problem-solving.

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