We already have Gatsby starters for displaying objects of different Content Types, but they are built with React.

But hey, what about people who don't know or like React, but love Angular? Angular starters were on our roadmap for quite long and we're now publishing the first one.

This leads to another question: Can we make an Angular application static, as we did it with the React apps using Gatsby? That was the trickier question to answer, as the Angular apps are rather dynamic. Luckily - Scully came to the rescue :)

So now we can introduce our first code starter for Angular - Scully blog starter. You can use it as a standard Angular app, or make it blazing fast using Scully. Everything you need to know on how to start and build the blog you find in the Readme file in the project Github repository.

We plan to add at least the same amount of starters for Angular with Scully as we have for Gatsby, so stay tuned :)