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Starting new Gatsby project with Flotiq CLI

To start a new Gatsby project with Flotiq CLI you need a Flotiq account (you can register here) and your "Read and write API key" (more about API keys here).

The command looks like this:

flotiq start [flotiqApiKey] [projectName] [flotiqStarterUrl]

After running the command, you should have new project cloned with installed dependencies, data imported to your Flotiq account and started server with the project.


flotiqApiKey - API key to your Flotiq account

projectName - project name or project path (if you wish to start or import data from current directory - use .)

flotiqStarterUrl - full link to GatsbyJs starter, the list below

Gatsby Starters

You can choose one of our starters:

Last update: December 17, 2021


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