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You can contact us using our email:

Discord server

All Flotiq developers are very keen to help Flotiq users and are easy to reach on Discord server. We are waiting there for any suggestions on Flotiq functionalities and for links to the projects based on Flotiq to celebrate them with our users :)


Chat on the Flotiq main page and on the dashboard is available for any user from 8AM to 6PM CET, Monday to Friday.

Issues reporting

If the issue concerns Flotiq dashboard or API, API docs or SDKs, please report it on Discord server or leave a ticket on our Public roadmap. If the issue concerns any projects available on GitHub (starters, docs, mobile app demo, etc.), please report it in the respective project issues. We also appreciate it if you vote, react to our ideas or add your own on our Roadmap

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Last update: September 13, 2023