Headless CMS API calls cost comparision

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Headless CMS API calls cost comparision

Check this article to see how much you will pay for API calls in a headless CMS.

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Flotiq team
By Flotiq team
Headless CMS API calls cost comparision

The new update article about API calls limit in 2022 you can read here 

Headless CMS plans comparison for API calls


When you're using a headless CMS to power your website - you're always doing some API calls in the background to pull your content. In most cases, the CMS providers limit the number of interactions with their APIs and you have to be aware of this quota. If you exceed the number of calls allowed in your pricing tier - your system may stop working!

Below you will find a comparison of popular headless CMS with their API calls limits (if provided by the CMS vendor), available plans, and the most important thing: cost.

API calls per plan table

CMSFree TierFirst paid tierNext paid tier
Sanity500k (CDN), 100k (standard)15M (CDN), 3M (standard)75M (CDN), 15M (standard)


1. Contentful
Available plans and API calls limits

Contentful plans are split into 3 parts:

  • Community
  • Team (Medium/Large)
  • Enterprise

Contentful gives 2 000 000 API Calls for free accounts, same with additional overages for Medium/Large Team and no limit for Enterprise.


Contentful charges for Team Accounts, they have 2 plans:

  • 489$/month for Medium Teams
  • 879$/month for Large Teams
2. DatoCMS
Available plans and API calls limits

In DatoCMS user has 4 account type options:

  • Developer
  • Professional
  • Scale
  • Enterprise

DatoCMS API calls limits are refreshing every month starting with 100k API calls for free developer accounts, rising to 1M for Professional and 2M for Scale plans. Additionally, you have to pay 9 euros more for every 250k extra API calls.


DatoCMS provides a free "Developer" plan. Professional and Scale starts at 199 euro/month and 399 euro/month, respectively.

3.  Flotiq CMS

Link: Flotiq 

Available plans and API calls limits

Flotiq has 4 available plans

  • Free
  • Basic
  • Pro
  • Enterprise

Users with a free account have a limit of 2M calls, for Basic users, Flotiq has 4M calls to use, and Pro users 8M monthly calls.

Enterprise plans are priced individually and have no limits on monthly calls.

4. Butter CMS

ButterCMS does not provide information about available API calls limits.

5. Kentico
Available plans and API calls limits

Kentico is a headless CMS geared mostly towards big projects. They have 3 plans:

  • Business
  • Premium
  • Enterprise

Kentico provides 2M API calls for Business users, and 5M API Calls for Premium per month.


Kentico provides a free developer account. Paid plans start at $999 for a month, and premium for $1,999. Enterprise is priced individually.

5. Magnolia

MagnoliaCMS does not provide information about API calls limit. You can download community edition for free. Other options are available via demo request form.

6. Strapi

Strapi is an open-source and self-hosted headless CMS, therefore any limits are set up by the instance owner.

7. NetlifyCMS

NetlifyCMS is open-source headless CMS, therefore any limits are set up by the instance owner.

8. Forestry

Forestry provides 4 plans:

  • Personal
  • Starter
  • Pro
  • Enterprise

Forestry provides free account. Paid plans starts at $29 per month and ends with custom for enterprise solutions.

9. Sanity
Available plans and API calls limits

Sanity users can choose 1 from 3 plans:

  • Standard
  • Advanced
  • Enterprise

Sanity provides two types of API:

  • standard API - default, the live and uncached API. This will give always the freshest data but requests are slower. Call limits start from 100k for standard plans, rising to 3M for advanced and 15M for the enterprise.
  • CDN API - CDN distributed cached API, that will give a very fast response to requests that have been cached. Call limits start from 500k for standard plans, rising to 15M for advanced and 75M for the enterprise.

Sanity provides free(standard plan) accounts. Advanced cost starts from $199 a month, and Enterprise depends on needs and requirements.

10. Prismic
Available plans and API calls limits

Unlike other HeadlessCMS players, Prismic provides many plans for users:

Developers group:

  • Community (free)
  • Starter ($7/month)
  • Small ($15/month)

Organization group:

  • Medium ($100/month)
  • Platinum (500$/month)
  • Enterprise(custom)

Prismic offers unlimited API calls for all plans in groups above

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