Scoped API keys


We're releasing yet another powerful feature, which will make your work a ton easier and your content more secure.


So far Flotiq provided 2 global API keys - one for read-write operations and another for read-only access. This was fine for most cases, but sometimes granting access to the entire set of Content Types is not the best idea. Enter scoped API keys.

The API keys section of Flotiq's user interface has been extended with the ability to create new API keys and defining their scope. You can now create a dedicated key and specify which operations it will be granted (create, read, update, delete). 

User-defined API keys can be created and disposed at will, which makes them a better choice for production use, especially in JAMstack applications, where you might need to publicly display such keys.


Flotiq scoped API keys


You can find more information about our scoped API keys in the API documentation. But honestly - you can just start using them. It's effortless.