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Migrate WordPress blog content to Flotiq

To migrate content from WordPress blog with Flotiq CLI you need a Flotiq account (you can register here) and your "Read and write API key" (more about API keys here).

The command looks like this:

flotiq wordpress-import [flotiqApiKey] [wordpressUrl]

After running the command, you should have new content types added to your Flotiq account that was imported from Wordpress site.


flotiqApiKey - Read and write API key to your Flotiq account

wordpressUrl - full link to WordPress site

Imported Data

The importer will make all the required Content Type Definitions and will pull all your posts, authors, categories, tags, pages and media into your Flotiq account. They are all properly linked and ready to use, e.g. in a Gatsby-based website.

Last update: July 28, 2020