Slug generation plugin

This plugin simplifies the process of creating slugs for your Content Object. It’s particularly useful when you want to generate slugs automatically based on existing data within a Content Object (e.g. the title of a blog post).

Installing the Slug plugin

Find in the right sidebar panel Plugins and select.

Flotiq plugins

On the next screen, click the plus icon next to Slug to install and enable the plugin.

Install Slug plugin

Once the plugin is enabled, click Manage to open the modal with the form.

Manage Slug

After the modal is opened, click Add.

Add Slug

Next, fill in the details and click Save changes to complete your plugin setup.

Setting up Slug in Flotiq

  • Content Type - Defines the type of objects for which the slug will be generated.

  • Slug source field - Determines the field on which the slug will be based.

  • Target field - Specifies the field to which the slug will be entered.

You're done. Now you will see the refresh icon next to the slug field in the Content Object form. If you’re creating a new object and the field is currently empty, it will be auto-filled. If you’re editing an existing object or the field contains data, click the refresh icon to regenerate the slug.

Slug outcome