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Listing content through the API

Parameter Description
limit Numer of objects on page, default 20
page Number of the requested page, 1-based, default 1
order_by What field should the list be ordered by, possible values are based on content type schema
order_direction Order direction, possible values: asc, desc, default asc
hydrate If you want to hydrate datasources in the object, you need to set it to 1, it will hydrate one level of datasources in objects, you can also use this parameter when requesting single object
filters Json encoded object containing conditions on which the list of CO should be filtered. The object keys are the name of the parameter (e.g. title). The object value is filter object with two keys, type describing how the list should be filtered, and filter with filter query. Both parameters should be string, you can filter on every subset of object parameters including internal parameters (e.g. internal.created_at).

Example filter value: {"title":{"type":"equals","filter":"Hello world!"}}

Filter types

Type Description
equals Object parameter must be equal to filter
notEquals Object parameter must not be equal to filter
contains Object parameter must contain filter
notContains Object parameter must not contain filter
startsWith Object parameter must start with filter
endsWith Object parameter must end with filter
lessThanOrEqual Object parameter must be less or equal to filter
lessThan Object parameter must be less than filter
greaterThanOrEqual Object parameter must be greater or equal than filter
greaterThan Object parameter must be greater than filter
inRange Object parameter must be between filter and filter2, it is only filter type that has three keys in filter object

Example response:

  "total_count": 1,
  "total_pages": 1,
  "current_page": 1,
  "count": 1,
  "data": [
      "id": "123123123",
      "title": "New object",
      "postContent": "This will be the new <b>content</b>",
      "internal": {
        "createdAt": "2019-10-25T20:22:37+00:00",
        "deletedAt": "",
        "updatedAt": "2019-10-30T20:32:42+00:00",
        "contentType": "blogposts"

Filtering by relation, for example, "Show products in category category-1" is possible using JsonPath standard. You have to care about encoding url params. Dots should also be converted to ASCII codes, for example:

  1. Using JsonPath, product category path is categories[*].dataUrl
  2. Expected value is /api/v1/content/categories/category-1
  3. Raw query: GET /api/v1/content/products?categories[*].dataUrl=/api/v1/content/categories/category-1
  4. Encoded query: GET /api/v1/content/products?categories%255B*%255D%2EdataUrl=%2Fapi%2Fv1%2Fcontent%2Fcategories%2Fcategory-1

Last update: February 1, 2021