Sync Webhook examples

Example with payload modification

In this example we will see how to modify one of the fields of a content object in an external system. On each update of a BlogPost object we will increment the field edit_counter.

  1. Add the edit_counter field to BlogPost CTD, set the field type to number and default value to 0.

  2. Let's take the following simple app as an example of an external system:

    const express = require('express')
    const app = express();
    const port = 8000;'/increment-edit-counter', (req, res) => {
      const payload = req.body.payload;
      payload.edit_counter + 1;  
      const response = {
        type: "response",
        subject: "content-object",
        event: "pre-create",
        response: {},
        payload: {payload}

  3. Add a webhook:

    • give it a name (e.g. Edit counter)
    • set the type to Synchronous (block and wait for response)
    • provide the URL where your processing app is available
    • check the Enabled field
    • select the Update action to trigger the webhook
    • pick the BlogPost Content Type Definition as a source for thie webhook.
  4. Once the webhook is added - each update on a BlogPost object will call the service above and the edit_counter field will be incremented!