Postman Sandbox Packages

Flotiq provides Sandbox Postman Packages through Postman Public Workspaces you can see them all on Postman Flotiq team page.

We provide demo packages for:

You can try it all by forking the API to your Postman account:

You have to specify the name of the collection, and to which workspace it should land when all is in place:

After clicking Fork Collection if your profile is not yet public, you have to make it public by clicking Make Profile Public:

Now you should have our Sandbox Package available to send requests from Postman page or from Postman app:


We provide Read-Only API key in our Sandbox Packages, so only GET and GraphQL requests will work, POST, PUT and DELETE request will all return 403 Unauthorized response.


If you experience CORS errors while using Postman page, you need to install Postman agent as described in this Postman article. Shortcuts:

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