Generating SDKs

Download a package for your language

On your Flotiq dashboard, you can find links to download client libraries (SDK packages) for several frameworks and languages.

Available frameworks and languages

Currently supported generators are:

  • C# client,
  • Go client,
  • Java client,
  • Node client,
  • PHP client,
  • Python client,
  • Angular client,
  • Postman collection.

These packages are automatically generated every time you modify your Content Type definitions, just like your API documentation.

Generate server libraries or clients for other languages

If you need more control over how the packages are generated or if you'd like to generate a server package instead - it's fairly easy to do using OpenAPI generator. Flotiq always provides your up-to-date API definition in an OpenAPI 3.0 compatible schema, read how to find your Flotiq OpenAPI schema.

npm install @openapitools/openapi-generator-cli@cli-4.2.3 -g

This will install the OpenAPI generator that will allow you to generate more packages. List of supported generators is mentioned on the OpenAPI generator page.

openapi-generator generate -g <name> -i <path_to_open_api_schema_json> --skip-validate-spec -o <output_path>

Worth to know is that you should have installed Java to run successfully command above.

Parameters description:

  • <name> - name of framework/language you want to generate package for (ex. typescript-angular).
  • <path_to_open_api_schema_json> - path to generated OpenApiSchema file.
  • <output_path> - specify where you want to output your generated package.

Use Swagger Editor to generate server and client libraries

Alternatively, you can go to Swagger Editor, paste the contents of you open-api-schema.json file there and generate a package that you are interested in.